Rockin' the Suburbs

I am spending this weekend in the suburbs with my roommates family. Because they are awesome and because of lack of air conditioning in my house.

Unfortunately because of that. And general (I get really bad second sock syndrome but hate knitting two socks at the same time) I really don't have a whole lot to report. I finished the cuff of my second tie-dye collision sock done with the flat portion and the rest of it is in the round so it should go much faster. I like knitting in the round much better than knitting flat. Being done with the cuff though also means that short rows are coming up. And we know how much I like those.

I really love this yarn though. So rainbowy and delightful. It really does look like a tie-dye something or another. I bet it'll look awesome as a square for my quilt.

To battle Second Sock Syndrome I have started another sock. It is still in it is begining stages. But it is Dream in Color Smooshy in Good Luck Jade and I am knitting the Escher socks pattern. I knit something similar a while back but while they look sort of similar (or rather this one looks like the inside out version of that one) the patterns are completely different. This one though is more of a traditional sock construction that I like.

Also, I can't leave without showing you all what I am taking pictures on. It is a swing bench that my roomie's family brought up from Oklahoma when they moved and I have never seen anything like it. It is beautiful and I would love to know more about it. Very very cool.

PS: I was totally listening to the Ben Folds song while I wrote this.


Sandy said...

Those bright colored socks sure look nice and warm.

RugbyMad said...

Your socks are coming along so nicely. And now you have two sets on the go! Wow!

The swing chair is so unique!

CraftyClare said...

Dream in colour is one of my favourite skeins to pick up and squish in my LYS :-)
Hope you crack second sock syndrome soon xx

goodpurlgonebad said...

Better to be cool and knitting less than hot and bothered and not knitting at all, in my view. I love your photos, and that Dream in Colour yarn looks lovely. Good luck with your socks.

Vanessa said...

I love that swing bench. My dream is to own a house with a porch that has room for a rocking chair or a swing bench.

k2tog said...

loving the socks!! and that bench is incredibly awesome!

Kim said...

You are ahead of me--I have never attempted socks, nor do I have any plans to either! ;) I know I would suffer greatly from second sock syndrome.
I love your yarn choices and I love that swing bench! Stay cool---

Lily Razz said...

Aaahw I hope you're not suffering too much from Bad Second Sock Syndrom! I have to say that I adore the Good Luck Jade coloring, it's so pretty!

And that swing bench is awesome! Are you also knitting on it?

Happy Crafting! x Lily

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Super socks, love the bright colours. The swing bench is awesome

Sara said...

The puppy at the top needs to be the new YOP mascot. Adorable!!! Socks look great. Ben Folds "I'm the Luckiest" is one of my favorite songs.