Tour de Fleece CHALLENGE Day

Today is the 22nd. It is the hardest part of the Tour de France which means that it should also be the hardest part of the Tour de Fleece. That though is open to interpretation. For me I have decided that the hardest part of my tour will be spinning with an unfamiliar short stapled fiber. Enter the llama fiber. I picked this up at the farmers market in my home town a month ago and now I get to spin it up.

I chose to try it out which my new cascade spindle. Which was the replacement for the one I broke a couple weeks ago. (Yes spindles don't count in my fabric, fiber yarn diet. But I did decided that I would rather buy a spindle than groceries this week. I have been living off of rice, and noddles) I am happy to report that even though the look of it is slightly different, it does spin very similarly to my old Cascade spindle. A huge relief.

Llama fiber spins up a little like my merino/angora blend that I've been working on. But it is very fine and doesn't have a lot of stretch to it. I won't really know until I knit with it though.

My plans for this llama fiber I am spinning up is going to be to ply it with this beautiful woolgatherings fiber I have that is a merino/tussah silk/bamboo blend. I didn't plan on spinning them up together. Actually at all. But it is sort of a new thing for me to blend a rainbow fiber with a solid neutral color.

These two were also sitting next to each other in my fiber closet and they just went so well together I couldn't resist. I think I'm going to split the rainbow as much as possible to get the short color repeats in there and it (should) be really pretty. That's all I've got for challenging myself. A fiber of a different nature. It is very very soft though

Also, I wanted to show off. (pardon the terrible bathroom picture) I got new extensions put in my hair last week they are fun I love the colors

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thecrazysheeplady said...

I would never think to put those two together. I have no vision. Heck, I'm afraid to even BUY the colored braid ;-). Keep us posted!