Sunday Stash: Enhancing the Stash of Others

I've decided something big. Starting from about mid-june, actually when I was organizing for the blog-a-long I decided that I had too much stuff. It wasn't a new thought but it was one that actually solidified for once. And I decided to do a complete stash down. For the summer until Sept (when I get my first paycheck) I am not going to buy any yarn, fiber or fabric. Period. No exceptions.

Let me take a moment to let panic set in WAH! So this is probably my last Sunday Stash for a little while. Instead I will be replacing them the Blog-a-long posts.

The theme this week though is the stash of others. I somehow accidentally (not really) suddenly owe five people yarn and another person some hand painted cards. Two of the five yarns I don't have to do for a while but. Here are the other three. I hope to mail sometime this week.

The first is for Contessa. It is roughly 4oz of Jacob wool spun up to be about a DK/Light worsted weight. It is the first yarn that I actually processed through my hand cards and I think it looks good. It really is Home-spun-y because it was spun woollen as opposed to the usual worsted way I spin. I can't wait for her to knit it up!

The second is currently on the wheel and was part of a trade. Hilary sent me a batt of delightful green fiber. my plan is to do a tighter single and then a looser ply so it'll be nice and fluffy.

The third I have just dyed up, in a fit of I-don't-want-to-part-with-any-of-my-stash selfishness, I tried to pick colors based off of her likes. And I really like the way it turned out. Now I want to keep this one too! I am a bad person...

And for those of you wondering I am still doing stuff for myself as well. The first random pull of my Blog-a-long socks was the Color Collison sock in Paca-Peds tye-dye.

Doesn't look quite sock-ish right now. But it does look rainbow! and it will look sock-ish soon (hopefully)


Vanessa said...

I love the colors of all those yarns!

PS Love the blog. Found you via the "My Other Hobby" Swap group on Rav. I'm NessaMcTastic there.

Kim said...

You can send me yarn anytime you feel the need to clean out! ;) Seriously, a couple of people are getting some gorgeous yarn with which to knit!

mixedbabygreens said...

Beautiful yarns! I'm sure there will be some great karma coming your way after parting with those lovelies.

Celestya22 said...

Gorgeous yarn and that fiber is just scrumptious! Very good reason to not want to part with it! :)
Those look like they will be Rainbow socks of awesome!!!

Sara said...

Great colors on the rainbow sock. I've been wanting to get my hands on some Jacob yarn. Yummy!

mike_mistyv said...

the jacob looks so soft, I want to squoosh it. I've been trying to resist learning to spin, and this isn't helping!

Kate said...

No more Sunday Stash until September? I think you can do it.