Tour de Fleece ready to go!

I think it is so funny that on my Craft-a-long post the number one word used in the comments is "organized" because if you all saw my room and the fact that I've been meaning to do my laundry since Tuesday. Organized would be the last word on your mind.

Here is my "plan" for the tour de Fleece last year (for those of you who don't know the tour de fleece runs the same time as the tour de france. Everyday they spin, you spin. Simple right?)

Step 1: Look at spindles

Is there anything you want to spin?
If Yes: Then SPIN
If No: Go to Step 2

Step 2: Is there anything on the wheel?

If Yes: Then SPIN
If no Go to Step 3

Step 3: Go to Fiber closet

Does anything catch your eye?

If Yes: Then SPIN

If No: Go back to step one.

And that's it! hopefully I'll get a lot of spinning done this year. It is my first year with a wheel and I am sooo excited!


Contessa said...

You've successfully combined yarn/fiber with flowcharts. That makes me so happy. :D

k2tog said...

oh man you spin? gosh i would love to learn how to do that! maybe someday! good luck!