Embers and Envelopes

This post actually has nothing to do with embers, just a song I like. I am feeling uncreative.

But this post has to do with an envelope. Specifically a 6x9 envelopes I receive in the mail.

Over at the My Other Hobby Swap group on Ravelry we are doing envelope swaps in rounds. First round I received a delightful package from Susan that I love and have been putting the pins to good use. And the pez are very nearly gone. And look at how cute my new pin cushion is!

This round I swapped with Kay who you may remember as the nice former owner of my new sewing machine.

And I LOVE it!

I got:
  • A crab Beanie baby (I used to collect these!)
  • A recipe for chocolate crack that sounds delicious
  • Mints in a cute tin
  • Clover tapestry needles (I am always loosing mine)
  • A squished penny from stitch and pitch that we both attended
  • Some yarny spiny buttons
  • a row counter I've never had one like this before!
  • a Pillsbury dough-boy key chain because I like to bake
  • And the cutest ruffly fun wrist warmers. They are so soft and squish-y it makes me glad that I live in a cold weather state

My mom saw me wearing them the other day, even though it is around 75 degrees out at night. She called me silly and then in the same breath said that I should make four for Esme.

But she can't have mine. They're too big on her.

Besides. I like wearing them too much.

Two awesome envelopes. I can't wait for the third one!

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k2tog said...

dont swaps just make ur day!