Hide under a blanket and cry

Sorry about missing last weeks post. I managed to be a little too busy for it as I was throwing a birthday party and then on Sunday I went to go see a super awesome concert for a band called The Head and The Heart. The were amazing and here are some of my poor attempts at pictures.

Last week I had a kind of experience that really made me throw my hands up in the air and want to scream in frustration. Walking home from the bus stop my cake of yarn fell out of my bag, but the WIP part of it stayed in the bag. And I didn't notice until I was in the front door of my house. INSIDE the front door. I had walked nearly a block and had yarn trailing behind me the entire time. The entire time. The. Entire. Time. Took a long while and a lot of cursing to pick it up. I unfortunately deleted my post walk picture by accident

But in good news I have a sock finished! Look isn't it nice? I have no progress on my potpourri sock so no pictures of it. But I did finish one of my Jade Escher socks! yay!

Truth be told since I got my sewing machine back I have been quilting a lot. I have a quilt top to show for it. But it is going to be a surprise.

Something you may not know (actually definitely don't know because I didn't blog about it). is that I started the split toe sweethearts a little while ago, knit them for an entire day, learned a new way to cast, and then realized that the sock was entirely too big and ripped it out. This week, I was prepared sat down at my LYS and swatched so i would buy the right needles. This gauge is way off of my normal one. I usually use size three needles. For this sock the size 1's were too big, and the size 0's were too small. What to do in this case? people don't make a needle size 1.5. Ready to scream and rip hair out part two.

But right now I am home with my puppy.

And sewing machineless. But that is okay.


RugbyMad said...

We forgive you for not posting last week.

Your sock is awesome, looks so warm and inviting.

Such a cute puppy! Just want to snuggle up.

Carole said...

Very cute puppy :)

Your story about walking home with your yarn trailing behing you made me laugh (in a nice way, I've done something similar in the house before so know just how annoying it is!) and I just can't believe no-one stopped you and told you!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

A very nice sock! Sorry to laugh at your story about trailing yarn ... I once had a ball almost fall out the window as we were driving, imagine!

If I had a puppy like that I'd stay at home and cuddle too! I spent all day yesterday quilting, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been working on!

Ruth said...

I love your sock it looks so warm and comfy :)

Kwilt Noob said...

OK, I know it isn't nice to laugh at somebody else's pain, but the mental picture of you walking down the street trailing yarn is funny! I mean it is really really funny! Ahem. Sorry. Someday I'll bet you'll laugh about it too!

k2tog said...

Annie, i love your yarn trailing story. I hope in retrospect you smile at it! I got home from work once to a frazzled husband. why? bc my puppies had taken the broomstick lace pillowcase i was making and ran around the entire house with it, under chairs and tables, around rooms, etc. I guess it was pretty bad. :o) Kinda wish i would have seen it!! and that is what puppies are for! snuggling and cuddling and making bad days better! love the sock!!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

So glad you found the rest of your yarn trail and it wasn't cut by a car tire or something :).

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

I hope enough time has pass since the yarn-trail for you to see that it's funny :) But BOO for the people who must have seen you and not said anything - that's just mean!

As for the needles - YIKES it sounds like you need toothpicks!!!!!

Hope you are having a better week - and if not, just look at that cute puppy face :)

Alittlebitsheepish said...

The sock looks great, the yarn going for a stroll sound slike a total nightmare, can't believe no one noticed and stopped you! Very cute puppy picture

Kate said...

I had to laugh about the yarn trail. Hey, at least the WIP didn't fall out too.

Erin_in_Boston said...

Oh I don't mean to laugh but the yarn trail story made me snort a bit! I want to forward it to Franklin Habit so he can make a cartoon of it. It was so well told that I could just picture it all happening. Love the sock.love the puppy. Sending speedy needles for your current project!