WIP Wednesday: Guild edition

I have joined a Guild. And not a WoW one either. The nerd in me is jumping up and down for joy right now. Last month I decided to attend a meeting of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild. They meet once a month and talk and plan and have a show and tell of quilts. It is hosted at Sewtropolis and a lot of fun.

And boy did I choose a good month to come! In July they decided to start TWO that is right TWO challenges. At the time I could only pick one. I went with the rainbow-y one (big surprise) But today I stopped by and picked up the fabric for the second one. That is a lot of free fabric for this very happy little girl!

The First one which I started planning and cutting immediately is the Kona Soilds challenge where you are given a charm pack of Kona solids to do with what you please. You can only add other Kona solids into the mix. I picked out the ones I am planning on using and getting to work. As a Guild we decided to impose another challenge on ourselves and that is that we must use half square triangles to make these.

Oh you notice something? That my half square triangles are already stitched? Well that is because I JUST got my sewing machine back! (YAY!) For those of you who aren't ravelry friends with me. After the awesome Kay gave me a sewing machine I managed to/ It broke on me. In about 10 minutes. turns out it had a broken part that needed to be ordered. But I just got it back in time for happy quilting times YAY!

The other challenge that I picked up today is the Jay McCarol challenge. I received a fat eighth of eight of his fabrics from his line to make something out of. Aren't they pretty? The guild imposed challenge on this one is "wonky" I have an idea in my head. And just randomly cut strips out of my fat eights and I am about to go work on them now as soon as I am done making this blog post.
The more I look at these fabrics the more I like them. They don't all exactly match but I think that is part of the charm right? AND Jay McCarol is the season 1 winner of Project Runway! I had no idea he was designing fabric now. But he definitely has a flair for it.


PS: I'm trying the Mr. Linky on Tami's blog for the first time today! check out other WIP


Spinster Beth said...

I look forward to watching the progress on the quilt!

Contessa said...

Oh, that looks like fabric heaven!!! :D

Have fun with your new guild and with quilting -- just don't forget your fibery friends. ;)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The Jay McCarol fabrics are fab - it's sure to be a fun quilt. I could never manage a quilt on a timeline, but I look forward to seeing yours!

Kathleen said...

Hooray for guilds! My mom has been involved with a Weaver's Guild for years and years, so I have a warm fuzzy spot in my heart for the whole concept---and guilds that give you free fabric to work with sound amazing! ;) And I love the fabrics you have to work with. Have fun quilting!

SimonSimple said...

This is a very interesting post. All the fabric look so yummy. I'm happy that you have your sewing machine back in commission.

Everything looks so promising, I will definitely keep watching to see them as they grow.

Marushka C. said...

A modern quilt guild sounds like so much fun! These challenges are just inspiring to me, I had no idea that guilds did things like this. I have been meaning to check out my local groups -- I better get going on that!

Kwilt Noob said...

Yay! So glad to see you are back in action quilting wise. Can't wait to see your progress!