So sorry everyone I know I missed last Sunday's Year of projects update. And that I haven't posted all week. But I've been having some camera problems. I need a new memory card this one has basically been limping along and has finally decided to give up. So until that is fixed I will not be taking too many pictures.

But in better news! Remember my new friend Alica? Well, after having her survey open for the summer she has gotten 483 results. WOW. I took political science stats last summer. And I had a hard enough time with that. I can't imagine trying to use primary data and coming up with everything. Of course I'm terrible at research, probably why I will never become a grad student.

But how did these break down?

Look! There is me in the Minnesota group along with 10 others! (note there were also international bloggers so these numbers don't add up to 483)

For a better look at this break down. Along with really great information about the project. Make sure you go hop on over to look at the full official results. And don't forget to drop Alica a comment!

More about my own crafting when I get my camera up and running again. Also, cross your fingers for me their might be a new computer in my future!

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