Geesey McNinepatch McFail

Two weekends ago I set out to make block number five of the block-a-palooza, I was excited for the no waste method of geese and cut all the proper fabrics, after lots of marking and careful cutting this is what I ended up with:

it is not the right size, it is not even it is NOT pretty.

That is when I gave up and made a mug rug. Being me it is a rainbow log cabin. I've come down on the side of Mug Rugs are kind of not practical and kind of silly. But cute and pretty and nice. So that's what I've fallen on.

This weekend I started again with the geesey McNinepatch pattern and this time instead of trying the no waste method of geese I made all the cuts. cut all the big squares in two diagonals and all the little squares in halves and made sure everything was squared up. The result?

Not really much better than the first but is is slightly straighter and slighly closer to the right size. sooo win? Also, my wonderunder came in today so look for blocks 6-8 soon!

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