Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies!

Bloggers' Block a palooza update!

Block number six, despite part of it not being square it was generally the right size and ascetic wise it is my favorite block yet and the first chance I've really had to use all of my colors together. and I looove it.

Block number 7 has BUNNIES! it was my effort to use more brown in the blocks so they weren't just all white and one color. I love it. Plus any time I can use the big bunny print instead of just all the little ones make me happy. I love bunnies! and the brown looks nice and doesn't stick out that badly.

Here is my first eight blocks all put together!

more on block eight latter.

Also: for those of you worried I've stopped doing other crafts, here is my malabrigo shawl in progress you can't squish it over the internet, but trust me it's delightful.

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