Maybe not so Lucky, Or Just Clumsy

A few weeks ago, I made the statement that I was the luckiest crafter in the world. I backed up this statement with my new sewing machine and spinning outside in the back yard with my gifted spinning wheel.

Well. Two spindles later and I have come to the conclusion that I am not. Or, I am just extremely clumsy. Also highly likely.

Remember that give away I had? Well, the winner Kate has been the most wonderful patient giveaway winner in the world. Because I was at the zoo, I stumbled and then landed on my butt, ontop of my spindle. (sad) I opened up my spinning back, which I attached to the outside of my bag to keep things from in my bag to break it, to asses the damage. and it turns out that I snapped one of the arms. (double sad)

When I got home I messaged the people I got it from Threads Thru Time. And spoke to a wonderful woman named Barbara who got another piece of olivewood to make another arm, (yay!) and ended up replacing both of them to match, the new one is a lot lighter in color. It is also lighter in weight. The last spindle weighed in at 1.4oz, this one weighs in at 1.1 I got it today and it was perfect timing.
a friends

Because this is what I did yesterday. Remember the merino/angora blend I've been spinning? Well after a two mile bike ride to a friends house, while I was parking my bike my spinning bag fell off my handle bar. I didn't notice and then promptly stepped on it (triple sad) I broke it in the middle of spinning so I had to wind off in the middle of spinning with a broken shaft

The good news is though my new spindle is only .1oz from the old spindle and now I can look for a new spindle for 1.5oz my birthday is coming up =D I think a new spindle is an excellent present
to myself.

One last thing to end on a yay note. Yesterday right before I GIANT storm hit I dragged in this new (to me) bookshelf that was sitting on the curb. It matches my current bookshelf and I really need new places to put my stuff.



Kate said...

I love that your "no-new-stash" rule does not apply to spindles. :-)

Contessa said...

Oh, no! :( I think maybe carrying your spindles around in a good solid piece of tupperware or something is in order. I'm so sorry to hear that's happening to you!

At least that new storage unit was a great find, and you're lucky you got it in before the storm hit. I hope you're doing well, beside all the "boo" stuff in your post!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Spindles, ugh. Shelves, score!